true Islam rejects ISIS(isil)

Prophet_Muhammad (PBUH) said:  

Whoever sleeps with full stomach, while his neighbor is hungry, has no faith in me

Whoever sleeps covered, while his neighbor is uncovered, has no faith in me    

reference :   Mustadrak-ul Vasael va Mustanbat-ul-Masael, Vol. 8, p. 429, quotation 9897                                                                                                                                                                   


imam_hasan (PBUH) said :                                                                                                                                                                             One Friday night, I saw my mother, Lady Fatima (PBUH), who had been praying till morning, at her place of worship. He mentioned the name of many people in her prayers, but did not mention herself. I said: “Dear Mother! You prayed for everyone but yourself!” She said: “My dear son! The neighbors should precede the household [in the prayers]” 

reference : Vasael-u-Shia, Vol. 7, p. 113; Bihar-al-Anwar, Vol. 13, p. 428                                                                                                 

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Zionism - The distorter of the scriptures

Did you know that in the Old Testament prophets were not even showing forgiveness towards the teenagers, and in case of any  small error, instead of guiding, they cursed them

Have not the divine prophets been sent from God to guide humans? Shouldn’t they invite the youth to the divine religion with kindness, generosity and patience

?Wasn’t Jesus Christ, the Son of Marry kind and patient


Please study: 

2 Kings 2:23-25 

(true jews are not in israel , true jews are not zionist)


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terror , terrorism , middle east ,

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Israel"s brainless represntative at the UN presents a historic coin  with  Hebrew carving as a proof of Quds belonging to Israel, then according to him, with providing an  Achaemenid  coin half  of the world is ours (Iranian).

Professor Raefipour 
December - 2017 


israel and palestine

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???how would you feel



true jews are not in israel

freedom , feelings , racism


israel and palestine map

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Imam mahdi’s  mother was Narjes Khatun(madam)  that from father side is Joshua’s daughter, the son of the Cesar, Byzantine Empire and from mother side it reverts to Simeon(st.peter)  one of the Jesus’ apostles that is transferred from Rome to Medina and then in Imam Hadi’s (10th shiite imam) house got acquainted to Islam Rules 

Mahdi (12th imam) and jesus (christ) will come back together holding hands


                                                     More info in this link

12th imam , 12th imam prophecy  . imam mahdi  ,  who is 12th imam , hidden imam , 12th imam birth , where is 12th imam

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