true Islam rejects ISIS(isil)

ashura is the tenth day of Muharram in the Islamic calendar. For Shi"a Muslims ,  Ashura marks the climax of the Remembrance of Muharram, and commemorates the martyred of Hussain ibn Ali

. On Ashura day, Imam Husayn, the holy prophet Muhammad’s grandson and all 72 of his companions including his six-month-old infant,( Hazrat Ali Asghar ) , were killed in the battle of Karbala.     __________

ashura pic

what is ashura

now what media shows  about shia (below image

the media vision of shia muslims and ashura is so far from reality

politics against religions ______________________

there are very few shia muslims who practices tatbir(self-flaggelation) . most of them are in england . because england policies invented tatbir to use this distorted mores against shia muslims and tell the world that shia muslims are wild

.....yes,thats very disgusting policy 

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shia muslims tatbir

??? why   _______________________________

you may ask yourself why shia muslims? why capitalism has scared from us  ! and trying hard to show us as wild humans

???what will happen if  nations know about real islam and real shia muslims

peace be upon every free soul in the world 

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shia muslims leader said  _________________________________

tatbir shia muslim

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 shia muslims blood donation on the day of ashura

tatbir shia muslims

shia muslims self-flagellation
shia muslims

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did you know that hezbollah  in " lebanon & syria "   ,,,   iran in " iraq & syria " has the major effects in destroying daesh (isis.isil)  a 

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Zionism - The distorter of the scriptures 

Did you know that in the Old Testament, every action that comes from humans is predetermined by God, such that his justice is

questioned? Is not the worldly and otherworldly life the result of our own actions? Has he not given us the power of reasoning

?and intellect so that we could think and choose the way of reward 


Please study: 

Job9: 22-24


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The Merciful Verses 

 The Holy Quran 

 Surah AL-AN"AM-160

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The Jews knew that a prophet would be born in Mecca and would gain power in Medina, thus they migrated to Medina. When the Jews saw that Muhammad (PBUH), who was from Bani Ismail and not Bani Israel, was appointed as the prophet, they became upset and rejected him. So they chose their race over their religion.


Professor Raefipour

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Prophet_Muhammad (PBUH) said:  

Whoever sleeps with full stomach, while his neighbor is hungry, has no faith in me

Whoever sleeps covered, while his neighbor is uncovered, has no faith in me    

reference :   Mustadrak-ul Vasael va Mustanbat-ul-Masael, Vol. 8, p. 429, quotation 9897                                                                                                                                                                   


imam_hasan (PBUH) said :                                                                                                                                                                             One Friday night, I saw my mother, Lady Fatima (PBUH), who had been praying till morning, at her place of worship. He mentioned the name of many people in her prayers, but did not mention herself. I said: “Dear Mother! You prayed for everyone but yourself!” She said: “My dear son! The neighbors should precede the household [in the prayers]” 

reference : Vasael-u-Shia, Vol. 7, p. 113; Bihar-al-Anwar, Vol. 13, p. 428                                                                                                 

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Zionism - The distorter of the scriptures

Did you know that in the Old Testament prophets were not even showing forgiveness towards the teenagers, and in case of any  small error, instead of guiding, they cursed them

Have not the divine prophets been sent from God to guide humans? Shouldn’t they invite the youth to the divine religion with kindness, generosity and patience

?Wasn’t Jesus Christ, the Son of Marry kind and patient


Please study: 

2 Kings 2:23-25 

(true jews are not in israel , true jews are not zionist)


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